Make A Wish!


We just got back home from the most magical week in California on Cassidy’s Children’s WishTrip!

This whole experience has been so magical!  From the moment her wish granted a while back, the planning process and working together with the incredible team at Children’s Wish…..we have just been blown away with how amazing this experience has been!

I was initially very hesitant to accept this wish from being granted, because my mind wanted to say yes, but my heart didn’t want to feel the pain of having a child who has an illness that matches the criteria to receive a wish.  It felt too hard! After a lovely conversation with Children’s Wish, they assured me, that having the experience of a wish coming true is something that Cassidy deserves and it allows families to have a break from the day to day life of having an ill child and allow you to experience something incredible together.  That was the right answer to get me on board.  Cassidy was so excited that she could wish for whatever she wanted!

The day before our trip, Cassidy received a surprise courier package from Children’s Wish which included a travel backpack, passport wallet, Roary the Lion and her very own digital camera to capture memories on her trip!  Cassidy’s excitement was over the moon before we even left!

We departed for California last Tuesday, August 23rd and flew to Los Angeles.  Cassidy made sure to get her physio treatments done while we waited to board our flight in the airport!

Besides our Celebrity Wish, we received a Disneyland Genie Pass for two days.

The Genie pass took us to the front of the line on every single ride in Disneyland & California Adventure Parks!  Our two days felt like five because we were able to go on so many rides!!

We even got to use the Disney Wish Lounge to cool off, grab a drink & snack during our days there!

Disneyland is just so magical!

Our time in Disneyland was complete and we headed to Hollywood and stayed in a fabulous hotel attached to the Dolby Theatre

where the Academy Awards are held!

We were right on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

We explored the Walk of Fame and took a sightseeing tour through Beverly Hills to experience life as a celebrity!

In the photo above, you can see the little white letters of the famous HOLLYWOOD sign in the distance!

And then….the time to experience our Celebrity wish was there.  We met the cast of Fuller House!

Cassidy was so full of energy and spoke to all her new celebrity friends with such confidence.  I was so proud! (And to be honest, a little starstruck myself!) This trip was so full of emotion but to see Cassidy so happy in that moment, it was like Cystic Fibrosis didn’t exist!  After an experience like this, we feel so energized as a family.  We couldn’t be more grateful.  It is an experience we will never forget!